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Keenan Smith
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Being that i had just finished my AU117 40mm F-35A i dedcided that i will build a sport jet of some type of sport jet for a 90mm EDF powers system i had sitting around doing nothing i may aswell build a plane around it... so after some searching i came across Jetset44's Super Bandit EDF and instantly fell for it so i wrote up a plan of action :


Scale Super bandit plans to 210% for poster printing (52 sheets) < this is my first priority :D


Super Bandit Shopping list:


.C90 12B Replacement blades and Carrier (just in case): Spare blades

.7 Sheets of 6mm Depron

.1 Sheet of 3mm Depron

.4x 1m long Hollow CF Rods

.Hot glue sticks

.x4 Tubes of UHU Por

.2mm ply & balsa

.5S Capable Lipo Charger

.Retracts and struts?

.Pin hinges

.linkage stoppers

.Wheel collars

.Servo linkage covers

.Finishing Epoxy

.2x Flat 3mm CF strip

[COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"].Wheels[/COLOR]

.Control horns

.Battery straps x2

.Velcro M/F

.High AWG servo extensions

.2mm Drafting Mylar: $1.99

.Parklite In Black and Gold


.Leaded Solder

.Bullet Connectors


.x2 Sullivan or Dubro FLexi-cable Linkages


To Do List :


.solder on Connectors on motor and ESC

.Solder up Wiring Harness For Wings

.Build and Sheet Wing in Balsa

.build Battery Tray, Wing-box and EDF as One piece (build fuse around it)

.Fit EDF, ESC and Lipo and Route Extensions

.build Fuselage

.build Cooling Vents into Fuse, Just below Canopy and in-front of intakes

.Build the Bandit as Round and Smoothed And Sleek As possible

. Fiberglass Wing

.Cut and hinge Contorl Surfaces

.Decide on Full Flying stabilizer or not


i will print the plans tomorrow and Begin building soon afterward


i plan to use this livery...

CS90 EDF i will use ... With 1500kv motor installed giving me 2.5kg (5.5lbs of thrust)

100A Red brick ESC i will use (2-7s)

super bandit 2 View

Zippy 5s 2200 lipo (i may use this.. but will most probably order a 5or 6s 5000mah 65C nano Tech lipo)

Nano Tech lipo i Might use

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When flying low and inverted, Down is up... and up is Expensive

and Don't Worry !....... i'll Procrastinate, in a minute :)

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