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Jackson Stein
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How about a nice 36" wing span profile epp Yak 55. If you could make a nice durable one it would be a great 3D trainer for people wanting to learn beginning 3D maneuvers or learning the more advance moves. The EPP would be pretty crash resistant and forgiving if you "land" upside down. And the profile would also be light so it would have reletively light wing loading making it easier.


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Keenan Smith
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I Terms of a Yak 55 "3D Trainer" ill have to see About that plane ( I Do love how Yaks Fly though)

but i Have a Few Kits to Sort out getting into Production First

  • the Depron 800mm (31") Bnahsee F3P Trainer
  • the EPP  812mm (35") Extra Crazy 300S (an EPP Hardcore 3D Plane thats Made to be Light and Tough! 8))
  • The 770mm (30") Atom Bipe (will  be availible in Both EPP and Depron)
  • the 3D Flying SU-27K EPP Profile Jet  (have not decided on span yet)
the Yak will Come sometime in the Future, i Will Post a Post a Thread on the RCG forum asking about Paintshemes people Would like on the Planes above and What Price they would be Willing to pay.


Lol nice Signiture BTW


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