Site updates Site updates Contact us page same as before just a little bit sleeker now 173534667 Hompage this page has been updated on 26th of January 2013 it has been modified to be more functional, provide more information and look sleeker and be easy to use and navigate the site! the next feature i'll add is a Recent member activity page.. 173534668 Blog Page (My builds) *new Feature* this is my blog where i will update you in depth on my projects * if you are a member of the site then you also have your own personal blog Viewable by me, other members and the general public.. So keep it family Freindly sign up ... it's Free! 173534669 Photo Gallery *new* *new Feature* now you can keep check my builds and if your a member you can post your own Photos if not sign up.. Its Free! 173534670 T's and C's same as before just a little bit sleeker now 173534671 New* 3 Views Page 174490702