The DreamFactory

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Meet The Team

Ethan Pothering: Webmaster

Ethan Pothering

Age: 16 

Joined the team: Januaury 2013

Bio: Ever since I saw my first airshow, I knew I had the aviation 'bug'. I always have spent a large amount of my time around aviation

and watching Boeing test their new planes over my house. My first RC flight was with a glow trainer when I was 8 but I didn't

get my own RTF setup until I was 12. Since then, I fly as much as I can and have flown many models and I have met many 

wonderful people in this hobby. I like to build scale planes as a challange while flying anything I can such as 3D, Sport or Gliders.

I fly full scale with my freind and I hope someday I will get my liscense. 

Joe Jones: CFO / Media / PR

Joe Jones

Age: 15

Joined the team: last year

Bio: I own an I.T Tech support company, I have known Keenan since we were small kids together and despite not going to the same school now, we have remained in close contact. When Keenan told me about The DreamFactory, I was eager to chip in. I have an enthusiasm for small companies, which I have also run and worked for in the past. I am an RC enthusiast despite knowing little of the field as my knowledge lies mostly in consumer technology. When I am older I would like to work for Microsoft doing UI Design

Jackson Stein: Team Pilot

Dan Skuropacki: Team Pilot

Jackson stein

Age: 13

Joined the team: January 2013

Bio: I have spent my entire life looking up at the sky thinking "Damn birds!" I started flying RC November of 2012, and while I havent been at it long, I have begun to excel at 3D flying and other RC shenanigans. I love all aspects of RC including *shudder* heli's. Ever since I first got in to RC I've marveled at the flying skill of pilots like Joe Smith, Quique Somenzini, and Justin Jee. I hope one day to be at their level. Also, I hope to start full scale flying this summer, and hopefully someday compete aerobatically.

Dan Skuropacki

Age: 17

joined the team: January 2013

Bio: I am 17 years old and I am a RC ADDICT!!! I most often fly my 3D Hobby Shop Airframes. I fly 3D and IMAC. I can do just about anythign in the book.(Yes Jackson, I have yet to get the rifle rollers down.) I am going off to college next year and I have decided to major in Aviation Flight Technology. I would like to be a commercial Airline Pilot. I do however, plan on owning an Edge 540 one day and would love to fly aerobatics! If you would like more info on me feel free to give me a email:

[email protected]

Also my RCG, FG, and 3DRCF account name is dskuro95. HMU at anytime


Fly Low, Fly Hard, Fly Often

Keenan Smith: CEO / Team Pilot

Keenan Smith


Joined the team: been here since the Begining 

Bio: I have been flying Rc For 2 1/2 years i enjoy heli's, Planes, 3D Flying, Full Scale Aviation and All things RC. I recently joined the Air cadets and Hope it will work as a Stepping stone to put me well along the path to getting my PPL and Eventually becoming either a Commercial Pilot for a Major International Airline or a Helicopter pilot for the RAF. I also have a huge Passion For Space and the Physics involved (orbital Mechanics) and hope to see man one day land on mars (space X rules!