The DreamFactory

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Well here comes the small print; 

The DreamFactory Ltd. accepts no responsibility for property damage caused by any of our products.
Our products are only covered by a 30 day warranty from the date of dispatch and only covers airframes unless otherwise specified. All electronics and CAD plans are excluded from our warranty.
Lithium Polymer batteries are covered under out warranty, however, we advise you to check the voltage upon arrival as warranty is void once charged.

If you would like to change the details of your order, please do so as soon as possible. The best way to do so is to contact us by phone. Due to the time lag in email responses, we do not accept liability for requests which are not received or read after the parcel has been dispatched.
Simply sending us an email does not constitute an agreement nor does it mean we can act upon your request in time.
We strongly urge you to phone us if you find that your address or any other details are incorrect or need to be changed.

I only work five days a week and take two days of rest weekly.
You are also fully liable to pay excess charges involved in your order (QC, site manager etc.)
The DreamFactory Ltd. has the right to change its T&C's and company policies at any time and without prior notification.
The DreamFactory also reserves the right to refuse service..